Three Keys

“Learning to love yourself, to accept yourself, and to forgive yourself — these are three of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn. Do only these three things, and everything changes.”

I’m not perfect. But I’m okay with that. The moment I became okay with that, I started caring less about what people thought of me and more about what I thought of myself. I realized that other people were never the problem. Wherever I go, there I am, always and forever; I will never escape ME. This is the person I will spend more time with in this life than any other. And since I have to put up with this ME until thislife ends, I would think it’d be the best idea to make this ME as loving, serene, wise, and peaceful as possible.

It follows naturally that the boldest move I will ever make in my favor is to love myself completely, to accept myself wholeheartedly, and to forgive myself without exception. Thus, the fear removed, a new birth occurs, a new light enters, and a new day begins.

Today, let life wash over you. Listen to the way you talk to yourself, and decide not to berate yourself any longer. When you screw up, tell yourself “It’s okay. I forgive myself.” Oh, the power of this one simple exercise. Test me on this. 🙂



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