The Art of Living Fully

“You are full of flaws. That’s because you’re a human being. Embrace your disastrous makeup. We’re all ridiculous in our own ways. When you love yourself anyway, you have learned the art of living fully.”

There is never a good reason to reject yourself, to berate yourself, or to be disappointed in yourself. There is nothing wrong with reaching for self-improvement every day, but this can become toxic when it is based on rejection of who you are now, which is altogether different from a desire to improve yourself based on genuine self-love and willingness to do the work to give yourself a better life by way of consistent spiritual, mental, and physical growth. There is nothing wrong with you. Do you hear me? There is nothing wrong with you.

You are a human being. You mess up. A lot. Is this news to you? You will screw things up, you will miss the mark, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent that. But you know what? When you fully accept yourself, scars and all, that unconditional love and acceptance will pervade you from the inside out, and suddenly you will notice that you are messing up a lot less, that you are more centered and gaining more clarity every day, and that things just seem to work out. That’s how life works. It only gives you what you believe you deserve.

The best gifts you will ever receive are the gifts you give to your future self. Learn to love yourself now, and you will thank yourself for it tomorrow. Trust me. I’ve been there.



justinThe Art of Living Fully

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