Heartbreak Lessons

“Oh, how I loved her…but she’s gone now. I want to forget her. But I don’t. Not really. I’m afraid that if I forget, I’ll forget what it felt like, and then I won’t know what to look for anymore.”

Loneliness is the means by which the universe endeavors to lead us to ourselves.

Heartbreak is hard. If you’ve lost someone you love, you know that the pain is hard to express, and that few events in life match it’s intensity. And yet there is something to be gained from this experience; something profoundly life-altering. The deeper the wound, the deeper the lesson. Every brick of pain you endure can be employed to build your house of wisdom, if you but see what is underneath.

I invite you to read the following poem, and let it’s words teach you the deeper meaning, which — once grasped — has the potential to re-ignite your heart with a new love.

“Sometimes your heart needs to broken,
So you can see what’s underneath,
To the flicker and flame of your soul
That you’ve always been destined to meet.

Sometimes your spirit shines brighter
Through the glimmering light of your tears,
And when you arrive at the end of it all,
Love will outshine the darkest of years.”



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