“That which you wish for the most is only so far away as your belief in it. Throw your faith into tomorrow, and your heart into the moments that lie between.”

In the Bible, Paul is quoted as saying “Faith without works is dead.” I tend to agree. Faith is not about sitting around, wishing for a better future, hoping things work out. This is faith without action, which isn’t really faith at all.

If you decide to build a better future, and develop an image in your mind of where you want to be, and how you’re going to get there, and you decide right then and there that you will get there, that you will have the things you’ve always wanted, and then — pay close attention — you take massive action, and you persist, and show up, and do the work…then you have understood and put into practice true faith, and you will have that which you wish for the most.

Faith, like anything other principle, can be more easily understood by way of formulation. To put faith into a formula for yourself is to make it approachable and actionable. My personal formula for faith is Believing + Persistence = Faith. Does this resonate with you? Can you understand that the universe will always meet you halfway, but that you must take the first step, you must do the work and show up, and meet your destiny.

Everything you’ve always wanted has always been in reach. You can experience a life of abundance and happiness. Your greatest joys await you. But will you show up?




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