6 Ways to Create Happiness

It starts with your next thought.  Your next action.  Your next movement.  It begins when you want it to.  To obtain real happiness, you must believe in yourself with every fiber in your body.  TRULY, believe in yourself.  Happiness is a feeling that you can train to be your most powerful resource.  There is no feeling like it.  It’s the birthplace of confidence.  It’s power is infinite.   It is one of God’s greatest gifts to man.

Here are 6 steps to help you be the happiest you.

Believe in Yourself. Know who you are. Strive to love yourself for all of your unique, exceptional and distinctive qualities. Embrace your right to be happy. Get in touch with all the small, silly and substantial things that make you smile. They are uniquely yours. You have your own blissful happiness support system deep inside of you.

Be Open. Try new stuff. Discover more people, places, ideas and activities that delight and amuse you. There is no end to the supply of wonderful, beautiful, pleasurable, enlightening, tranquil and exhilarating experiences just waiting in the wings to dance with you. Play with the possibilities and be open to finding lots more happiness that is personally yours.

Be Active. Actively seek out happiness and take small actions to sustain you. If you were hungry, you would seek out food. Do the same for happiness.

Be with Others. People are powerful magnets that can help pull you toward your vision for happiness. Find people who share your common loves. Share small happiness miracles and blessings that pop up around you daily. Be thrilled when friends and family members around you feel happy. Celebrate it with them! The more happiness you give the more you will receive. See the infinite possibilities of seeking, sharing and spreading happiness.

Be Attentive. Wrap all of the above Be’s with a bow of attention. Know each and every feeling, action and reaction that feels good and supports you. Be mindful to add more into your life. The more happiness you are willing to add, the more it compounds and sinks deep into your soul.

Live in the present moment. When you live in the present moment, instead of worrying about the future and those things you cannot control, you can focus on those experiences and personal relationships that bring you the most pleasure, no matter how small.

Today, give yourself the gift of being the happiest you.  Think about your thoughts and actions and the role they play on how happy you really are and/or want to be.  Have you ever noticed that guy in the next cubicle and how happy they always seem?  Or that one person in your life that it just seems like they were dealt the perfect hand.  Well, their secret has now been gifted to you with the six steps above.

Your happiness begins with your next thought, your next action, and your next movement.



justin6 Ways to Create Happiness

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