Writing from the Heart, Words With Purpose: A Manifesto

Writing From The Heart

This is a seriously hardcore lesson I’ve learned that has rocked my life from the core. I know know how to explain it, or how to put it into words, or how to express the truth inside the insight, but I’m gonna try to do all three anyway. Forgive me if I don’t convey the pure liquid awesomeness of this truth, but I’m sure as hell gonna give it my all.

And what if this article sucks? “What if I fail?” as Batman once so eloquently put it. Guess what? I don’t give a shit. I’ve made a deal with myself: I’m gonna share what has changed my life eternally and improved me from the inside out…period. That means regardless of what you think of me, or how this sounds, or what the neighbors might say. Truth doesn’t hide, and when it shows itself to me — even in the faintest of glimmers — I won’t hide it from anyone else.

You may have already noticed how philosophical I may or may not be. Or, hell, let’s throw around a few different words…. philosopher, deep-thinker, artist, writer, existentialist, spiritualist, theosophist, philanthropist, intuitive, soul-searcher, truth-seeker, etc, etc, etc. You get the idea. I don’t know what I am, because I can’t fit what I am into the cute little boxes we call words. It doesn’t work that way.

Look, I’m a poet, so I’m kind of infatuated with words, to be honest. But the more I write and the deeper I go, the more I realize that almost as a general rule… words fail. End of story. Words are not truth, and they never will be. The most they can hope to do is to point toward truth, to send you in the right direction. That’s what we’re doing here, right now.

So being that I’m a poet, I tend to formulate my words very carefully to convey sweeping rhythm and beauty, and analyze them meticulously in the hope that they will fully express the timeless moment they are employed to recreate. But that is really fuckin’ hard. And it takes quite a while. So I’ve decided on a different approach with this website. Assuming you’ve noticed. 🙂

If you are looking for the little grains of truth I’ve found in my life that have shifted the ground from beneath my feet and set me on a path of inspiration, excitement, faith, love, joy, peace, purpose, new experiences and electrifying moments, then look no further. Welcome.

However, if you’re looking for all this wrapped in a pretty little package with a beautiful bow, then you might as well turn around and head in a different direction. I’m not going that way. I’m tired of trying to say all the things I wanna say at an extremely slow pace to preserve the beauty of the delivery. Yeah, it’s nice. It sounds good. But it’s so damn time-consuming, and there’s no way I can get it all out via that medium. You follow?

And then there’s the issue of me being real, being honest, being me. I want to do that… I really, really do. But I have this ailment that has haunted me ever since I can remember… I don’t know who I am. And how can I be myself if I don’t know who that is? I’m getting there. I’m growing. I’m learning to let go and be genuine, but it’s kind of a pain in the ass for me. And I guess this is more or less me trying to achieve that authenticity. By being real with you about me having trouble with being real. Still follow?

Who Am I?

So this ended up being more of a rant — a disgruntled manifesto, if you will — than an article with a subject and a moral. I’m all for that, trust me, but this one just didn’t come out that way. I guess this is more of a look into what my path is about and what I hope to share with you.

Look, it’s like my profile says, I’m here to ignite, to uplift, to inspire. That’s a very serious statement for me. It’s a really big deal. Why? Because I really mean it. And that has to count for something. Writing from the heart, this is my vow, my vocation. Words with purpose, this is my plan, my promise to you.

So buckle up, because this is gonna be a hell of a ride. This isn’t a blog where we talk about simple topics with black and white solutions. This is more of a fire-starting community manifesto. I want you to be involved. I want our blood and tears in this. I want our hearts stamped to the pages and changed forevermore. This is not about me and it never will be. It’s about US.

Still follow?



justinWriting from the Heart, Words With Purpose: A Manifesto

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